Wrap Refresher

Wrap Refresher


If your wraps have seen better days, this block of premixed wrap reviver will return them to their former glory.

One block will revive approximately

2 x Extra Large Wraps

or 3 x Large Wraps

or 4 x Medium Wraps

or 5 x Small Wraps

Instructions for use:

You will need;
1. x Wrap Refresher Block
2. A cheese grater (use the fine section for grating the block)
3. Two squares that are 2 inches bigger than the wrap you are re-waxing)
4. Iron (turn off any steam option)
5. A clean tea towel
6. An ironing board

1. Place the tea towel on top of the ironing board
2. Cover the tea towel with one sheet of baking paper
3. Place the used wrap on top of the baking parchment
4. Grate the Refresher Block onto the wrap, spreading the wax evenly over the whole wrap
5. Place the second sheet of baking paper on top of the wrap
6. Use the iron on a HOT setting and gently press the iron on top of the baking paper
7. Keep the iron moving at all times until the wax has melted evenly
8. Remove the top sheet of baking paper
9. Carefully remove the wrap, picking it up by the corners
10. Waft the wrap back and for the until cold

Things to consider
• The iron will be hot so be careful
• Do not complete this process in a gas oven or near an open flame
• The wax will be hot so please be careful
• Use an old tea towel
• Keep the baking paper for next time
• Pour very hot water over the grater to clean off any wax residue

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