So what’s so great about them? Well they are....


You can use them over and over again. Cling film and foil tend to be thrown away after one use. My wraps can simply be washed in cool water, with a drop of mild soap.

Naturally antibacterial

I make these Beeswax Wraps by hand, using all natural materials and ingredients: 100% cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil. The beeswax and pine resin naturally have anti-bacterial properties.


The unique properties of beeswax wraps allow the food to breathe and keep it fresh.

Clingy - but in a good way !

The wax, resin and oil all contribute to a malleable texture that will cling to glass and ceramics and also ‘itself’ – The wax and pine resin become tacky when warmed by your hands. Moulding and pinching the corners together is a great way to get a good seal.


Once you have used your wrap to the max you can toss it on your compost bin.

The perfect gift

They make really great presents – brighten up the fridges, packed lunches and left-overs of your friends and family, whilst also encouraging them to reduce their waste.

Great choice of styles

I keep stock of a range of colours and patterns to suit all preferences so you are not tied to a small limited range. I like to add new patterns all the time.

Things you need to know..

Beeswax is amazing stuff but it is also flammable so do not use in the microwave, avoid heat and flame also.

 Always allow your food to cool before wrapping

 Do not use on raw meat, poultry or fish.

After a month or two the wraps will have become crinkled and lined but you can ‘re pasteurise’ them to freshen them up like new again. The wax will redistribute itself through the fabric. Here’s how:

Put them in the oven to re pasteurise for up to 3 mins at 100c on greaseproof paper, when you take it out you’ll need to carefully pick it up by 2 corners while it’s still hot. Gently waft it or blow on it, to cool it down and the wax and resin will set again