About Lucycooperloves

My Mum was right, even all those years ago, she was embarrassing... but right. When she insisted on using her own shopping bags. I, as a teenager would cringe at the checkout ...‘can’t we just have plastic bags?’ no was the answer, and she would produce something that looked like an old string vest or a patchwork monstrosity to pack our weekly shop into.

We all turn into our mothers eventually so they say, and here I am doing my best to carry her ‘Reuse Revolution’ forward. I’ve bullied my husband into ditching his weekly litre bottle of Sanex to a shower gel that I can get refilled locally for him (what’s wrong with a bar of soap though?) ‘LucyCooperLoves’ was born at my children’s School Christmas Fair in 2017. Continually throughout the school year we are ‘press ganged’ into raising more and more money for the school. I had bought some beeswax wraps, I loved them, loved the fact that every time I used them there was one less piece of plastic going in the bin. But they came from Canada! So, as my husband Mike is painfully aware, I always think, ‘I could make those!’ so I did, sort of.

After days of experimenting with different infusion techniques and various recipes, I finally got it right. The result was rather raw, burnt fingertips, a kitchen floor covered in wax and nothing but Charlie Bigham ready meals for tea. But I had my stock to sell at the Christmas Fair.... I totally sold out, they were perfect Christmas stocking fillers. In a world full of unnecessary packaging, I felt proud that I was enabling others to use less plastic. People came back for more, and more. So here I am bizarrely, on the web. Beeswax wraps are the start but what next? I have some ideas, so let’s see what happens.

Love, Lucy