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beeswax wraps

the alternative to clingfilm

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“Wrap... eat...wash...repeat!”



‘Lucy Cooper Loves’ was born around Christmas 2017. I had come across beeswax wraps and bought some. I loved the fact that everytime I used one there was one less piece of plastic going in the bin. But they came from Canada my husband Mike is painfully aware, I always think, ‘I could make those!’ so I did, sort of.....

Lucy xxx

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Reusable... biodegradable

“These planet friendly beeswax food wraps are amazing and beautiful and easy. I love them and can't recommend them enough. I use them for the kids lunches. I use them for covering things in the fridge/freezer. They are a colourful way to protect food and help the environment!” - Sarah Farnfield


Naturally antibacterial 

Made only from 100% cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil, you can say ‘bye bye’ to your rolls of cling film and save on your tin foil.


My Mum was right

Even all those years ago, she was right, embarrassing... but right.

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